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  09.02.2013 20:06

In 2001, the married couple whose 18 years old daughter was missing contacted Detective Agency "Maigret & Company". They were very worried. They told the following story.

About two months before her disappearance, the daughter started attending strange meetings as a result of which she suddenly began to believe in God; she did not go to church but attended prayer house. Once on their return from work, the parents found the note in which the daughter informed that she left home and there’s no need to search for her. Two weeks after the disappearance, the daughter sent her first letter, that she was doing well, worked in the morning and “they” prayed in the evening. The question is: who are "they"?

The letter was sent from Belgorod. Our private detectives have found out by zip code that a letter was sent from a post office near the train station. The girl very vaguely described her route, not mentioning any specific signs or place names.

The next day, private detectives decided to go to Belgorod. Having arriving at the train station, they questioned employees of the post office, talked to the priests of the local church, as well as with the local taxi drivers. After analyzing the information and adding their intuition, the detectives agreed on further actions and set off in search of the girl.

It took us four hours to perform the under the given route.

Our private detectives stopped in each village, near every church. They showed a photo of a girl to the locals and asked questions. After that, the geography of the search was reduced to three places. We stopped at one of them. It was a village consisting of three old houses. We went into the first house and there were two women, one of them was the one we were looking for.

It was quite a surprise for the girl that it was she who the detectives were looking for.

This story also has a happy end - the parents were happy to find their daughter. But the girl decided to stay in the village, and who knows, maybe she is still there.

The parents were grateful to us, because their daughter’s well-being was most important. And now they have opportunity to see each other.

High level of expertise of detectives and the ability to be efficient in urgent matters, this is the key to a successful search of the girl.


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