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  14.06.2016 05:40

It takes a while to save money and it is very painful to lose it. Here is a recent example of how a woman lost a large sum of money from a bank card.

A man called her mobile introducing himself as a security specialist of a bank (rather well known bank), who said that money was written off seven times from her card during the day. He asked to provide him the following information: the card number, card holder’s name and card validity period. The bank's client was confused by what she heard and provided the requested information, thinking that this would help to protect her savings. Thirty minutes later she received a text message confirming that the entire amount from her account was withdrawn - two hundred thousand rubbles.
The woman contacted our detective agency in a state of a shock about what was happening. The detective listened to her carefully. It was almost impossible to "return" the money in this case. And it is better to accept and understand that all actions on the part of the cardholder were done by voluntary consent, without coercion but with the help of deception.
The following question does arise: what to do in such cases? Simply wait and see how swindlers get profit deceiving trustful citizens?

The answer may be as follows: you need to report the incident to the bank and certainly submit a statement to the police. This may not be a single case and scammers need to be caught. Let’s report such cases from the beginning. Such information can save somebody’s savings. The security specialist turned out to be a professional swindler who figuratively speaking ripped off the bank client. This was an experience for the banks’ client, a good life lesson. It is advisable to take a pause and think over what you hear on the phone. Check out the information and do not rely on the words of the unknown person whom you do not know and whoever it could be.
Now you also know about it!

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  • When entrusting important documents or money to your employee, you need to control all his actions irrespective of his company work record. Otherwise, you put yourself at great risk.
  • Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.
  • It is not enough to know only the rules and have idea of the legal boundaries of the responsible area for successful work in the market of private detective services.
  • They agreed on the amount of payment and signed the rent contract. On the next day a young man, let's call him Nikolay, brought payment document from the bank confirming rent payment of the apartment for 1 year in advance.
  • It takes a while to save money and it is very painful to lose it. Here is a recent example of how a woman lost a large sum of money from a bank card.

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