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Audit of security of the company, enterprises in Moscow

The purpose of the company security system:

  • ensuring the personal safety of managers and personnel on the territory of the company;
  • safety of assets, property, data, inventions, trade secrets;
  • access to the premises (office, workshop, warehouse, garage, etc.) where employees work, equipment and valuables are located, money, documents are stored;
  • network security (protection against penetration into the network infrastructure, interception of electronic messages, anti-virus protection).

The result - ensuring the smooth operation of the company and protection from industrial espionage.


Depending on the goals set by the customer, analysts from the detective agency “Maigret & Company” will determine the necessary areas to conduct the audit of the security of the company, building, office or shopping centre, enterprise, warehouse or any other room.

Company security audit is needed to identify shortcomings and flaws, improve the functioning and evaluate the effectiveness of the current security system.

The minimum standard due diligence includes:

  • Analysis of access control, internal security rules, including:
  • assessment of access system and registration of visitors;
  • control of site visits and access levels;
  • audit of the effectiveness of the current admission rules;
  • verification of the procedure of taking out of goods and materials (material assets);
  • security audit of offices and other premises in terms of storage of goods and materials;
  • assessment of the existing internal rules and compliance of staff with them.

As part of the measures to determine the vulnerabilities, our specialists can conduct an inspection of the work of the security structure operating at the facility ensuring the safety of employees, premises and equipment; reliability of information security, electronic data; testing employees for knowledge of safety regulations; assessment of the state of fire and other security systems.

Assessment of the state of technical security equipment, engineering systems (perimeter security, video surveillance, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems) used at the facility. The documentation is checked for each area, the state is assessed, and then based on a comparison of technical requirements and the actual situation, and a conclusion is made about the effectiveness of security equipment at the facility.

The possibilities of physical security, that is, the effectiveness of security points and functional duties of employees. Documentation and internal instructions relating to security personnel and the technical means of protection, communications, etc. used by them are also to be checked.

Experts of the detective agency "Maigret & Company" have all the necessary knowledge and resources to organize an effective security complex from scratch taking into account the individual wishes of customers.

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