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Assistance in conflict resolution (mediation)

Conflicts happen both in private life and in business. Each conflict situation requires an individual approach, it is necessary to consider every detail, all the ins and outs, all the circumstances.

Assistance in conflict resolution

As a rule conflicts arise:

  • in family relations (between spouses, heirs, parents and children);
  • in relations between individuals (between neighbours, visitors to leisure centres, car owners);
  • in relations with colleagues at work, with top management or with subordinates;
  • in relations with the supplier of goods or services (including medical);
  • in relations between legal entities and others.

Our detective agency will help you to develop actions’ scheme to resolve your conflict situation. We act as an independent mediators in your dispute with opponent, we calmly and emotionless, carefully evaluate the causes and select options to resolve the conflict.

Such situations very often require the help of a third party: opposition of the parties, strong emotions, tense atmosphere, suspicion and as a result lack of mutual understanding, unwillingness and wish to listen to the opponent, no chance to give in and to convince in something, but to get out of the conflict peacefully and taking minimal time, without financial and reputational losses.

Our analysts will help you to look at the conflict in different light, see options for moving from confrontation to constructive negotiations, find how to deal with your opponent, help to convince your opponent that it is beneficial to get out of the conflict through negotiations, without bringing the matter to court proceedings and related costs.

Statistics show that 4 out of 5 conflicts involving agents (mediators) are finalised by signing a reconciliatory agreement that satisfies both parties. The practice of studying disputes and resolving conflict situations by our specialists shows that participants in a conflict do not always ask the help of mediators as they do not understand the benefits of mediation and try to resolve the disputes on their own, but often coming to a standstill and thus making situation even more complicated and confusing.

We strongly recommend: before taking any actions of your own, try looking at the situation without prejudice and contact the professionals, save your frustration, time and money.

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