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Information intelligence

High-profile journalistic investigations, disclosure of offshore account holders, exposure of financial abuses and international crimes, and other information shocks of recent years have become available to society thanks to Open Source intelligence methods.

To conduct such investigations, you do not need to have agents in the special services or "your own person" at the passport office or police station, where you can only get official information about the identity. Our service consists in obtaining information from open sources, systematizing it, analyzing arrays of heterogeneous data, and the most important thing is to draw the right conclusions after numerous and in-depth checks.

Information on the source data transmitted by the client is collected from all possible sources, be it social networks, the yellow Pages directory or leaks in the press or media. Of course, with this method of data collection, no one can guarantee the expected result, since the person being investigated can be very neat and tidy in terms of information, but at least we will try to find at least the slightest "digital" or informational traces.

Collecting information about individuals on the Internet
We take orders to search for data about a person based on any data that you can report. The more information you have, the higher the chance to complete the picture with the missing strokes
Disclosure of identity (deanonymization)
Deanonymization is the disclosure of the identity of the user you are interested in.
Collecting information on "digital footprints"
Any personality in the modern world leaves "digital traces". The task of the investigator is to read them correctly, depending on what kind of information needs to be obtained and provided to his client in a systematic form.
Geo-positioning is the location of the person at the moment or time period you are interested in

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  • When entrusting important documents or money to your employee, you need to control all his actions irrespective of his company work record. Otherwise, you put yourself at great risk.
  • Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.
  • It is not enough to know only the rules and have idea of the legal boundaries of the responsible area for successful work in the market of private detective services.
  • They agreed on the amount of payment and signed the rent contract. On the next day a young man, let's call him Nikolay, brought payment document from the bank confirming rent payment of the apartment for 1 year in advance.
  • It takes a while to save money and it is very painful to lose it. Here is a recent example of how a woman lost a large sum of money from a bank card.

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