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The incident in the subway

  16.10.2012 09:37

Here’s the recent case. I was traveling with my wife in a crowded subway coach. There was a big man to the right from me. He moved to the middle of the coach at the next station, and another with a strange behavior man took his place. Pretending to be reading a newspaper, he was throwing sharp glances around and this caught my attention. It was clear for me that these two men work in pair. But who they really are?


From my own experience, I suggested that most likely they were law enforcement officials who conduct surveillance. I looked a little bit closely, and noticed that the strange man, hiding behind a newspaper, was rummaging with his free hand in the open bag of the man standing close to him. In this situation, to catch a thief "red handed" would be useless because he took nothing form the bag, and usually such "professionals" work in group, and it’s impossible to identify them among the passengers. I, as a private detective, had to do something in this situation.

The wife was standing with her back to the thief. I put my hand on her shoulder. I coughed, drawing the attention of the thief. The man looked at me, and I without being noticed by other passengers wagged my finger at him. He immediately put down the newspaper and quickly walked toward the exit. At the exit of the subway coach, I pointed to a passenger on his unzipped bag.

Dear all, please be attentive to yourself and to each other.

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