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Swindlers in car dealership

  18.01.2015 10:10

In the times of crisis swindlers penetrate into business, trade and into different areas of our life. The credulity of people, their incompetence and lack of necessary information often lead them into the hands of swindlers.

Let us tell you one of the recent stories about fraud in car dealership. Mid-January 2015, a client contacted the detective agency “Maigret & Company”. The request was as follows: the client gave his car for sale at a car dealership that was dealing with selling of used cars. The client signed agreement with them in July 2014; the car dealers were supposed to sell his car within two months. Two months have passed, the car was still not sold, the client became nervous, he tried even calling the car dealers. Car dealers were giving him nothing but promises that the car is about to be sold.

The client visited the car dealers’ office in December 2014 only to discover that the parking lot had disappeared along with all the cars that were put up for sale. Phone lines were disconnected. The client contacted the lawyer but the lawyer could not help him. After that, the client contacted our detective agency with a request to help find swindlers and return either car or money.

Detectives paid a visit to the place where the car dealers’ office previously was and the client handed over his car. The car dealership actually existed; but there were only secretaries now. When asked where the managers were, they would reply that the car dealership has several sites and all the managers were there. The managers visit this office very seldom. The situation was clear that the client got simply dumped.
Our detectives asked the secretary to connect them with the "security department" of the car dealership. As a result of competently taken actions and conducted negotiations by the staff of the detective agency, the money for the sold car was returned to the client. Dear gentlemen, if you are facing such kind of fraud, please contact our detective agency and we shall help you.

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