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  03.08.2013 19:44

At the beginning of summer a woman contacted our detective agency, she was in panic. Her 22 years old son was missing. He left home wearing slippers and holding a handset; he had no papers with him. It’s been more than 2 days since the day of his disappearance. The woman got no news from her son. The situation was not in her son’s character as he usually kept his parents informed about his plans. Friends and acquaintances also were unaware where their friend was. Our staff questioned people who were acquainted with him and lived in the area. We also checked his mobile contacts but nobody knew anything about the young man’s whereabouts. Looking through the young man’s room, we noticed that his computer was on, and his email account was open.

Everything pointed to the fact that his sudden leave from home for a long time was not planned. At the same time we made inquiry to registration of accidents office. Neither the hospital nor the morgue had files for a young man alike. We also telephoned the nearest police stations, he was not there either. Due to the fact that there has been no news, the physical state of the mother was close to hysterics. Apart from the actions aimed at the search, we spent sufficient efforts to calm down the relatives and friends, explain that very often the absence of bad news means hope that the young man is alive and not vice versa.

The next morning I got a call from the woman with the news that her son was found in the police station in Moscow region, far enough from the place of his residence. The situation was as follows: the police car inspected the area of the town beach in evening and noticed a group of drunken young men and performed documents check. The ID documents were missing; the young men behaved insolently, called police names. As you can imagine, they all ended up in the police station in Moscow region. Nobody knows what the consequences of this story might be, if the police officers of the Moscow region were not on their guard. Many people are looking for heroic “acts”: dive in the pond, sort out one’s relationship... The results of these "acts" may be the most deplorable.

This story has a happy ending. The mother of a young man was happy that her son is well and alive; she was grateful to the staff of the detective agency "Maigret & Company" for their help and moral support during the search of her son. I would like to tell to anybody reading this story, please be considerate to yourselves and people around in order not to get involved in a similar situation. And those who are looking for their relatives please control yourself and hope for the best.

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