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If you are reading this page, that might mean that something went wrong in your life, you are stuck in your personal problems or business, or for some reason, are looking for ways to protect yourself, your family or your business.

Your attempts to solve the problem on your own failed and you have decided to ask for professional support of a detective agency or a private detective. And we are here at your services. We understand like nobody else, how complex and confusing situations one can face in life.

  • Data collection on civil and criminal cases on a contractual basis with all the parties involved.
  • Data collection for business negotiations, identifying credit capacity or unreliable business partners.
  • Identification of cases of the unauthorized use of business logos and brand names, unfair competition, as well as the disclosure of information referred to as a trade secret.
  • Clarification of biographical and other data of the individuals (upon their written consent) during employment process and as such.
  • Search for missing people
  • Search of forefault property of individuals, legal entities, institutions or organizations.
  • Search of debtors or property in accordance with the administrative case
  • Search of a child in accordance with the administrative case containing the order to remove the child, on a contractual basis with the client.

Even if you think that your problem does not fit into the mentioned above services provided by a private detective, please contact us at +7 985 776-29-89, +7 495 776-29-89 or e-mail: info@1detectiv.ru. We will help you to clarify the situation and make a decision.

Why to choose our detective agency:

  • We apply individual approach to each customer. There are no similar problems, or readymade solutions.
  • Complete confidentiality. No any third parties are involved in process of your request for the services of a private detective in Moscow.
  • We comply with the law. We function strictly within the norms stipulated by the law, thus our actions will never aggravate your situation.
  • We give prompt response. We are here for you 24/7/365 to provide you assistance and support.

Who and when might need private detective services:

  • Suspicions of infidelity.
  • Relationships with children require special attention. Our private detectives will do their best to reveal the possibility of alcohol & drugs use by the minors or determine the social network of a child.
  • Search for missing relatives, friends, neighbors, as well as debtors.
  • You can contact us if you suspect “bugs” in your stationery or cell phone.

The services of a private detective and detective agencies are popular not only among individuals, but also with the security services of banks and companies doing business in Russia whom we help to solve such problems as:

  • cases of wining over the contractors by middle class managers;
  • cases of stealing large amounts by eligible to money receipt & delivery persons are not rare;
  • protection of company’s economic security & prevention of information leakage;
  • bugs sweeping in cars or offices for secret eavesdropping.

You can trust us!

Our partners are lawyers, barristers & psychologists. Detective Agency "Maigret & Company" is a member of International Association of detectives.

Where to find us

Geography of the services provided by the detective agency stretches not only to Moscow and Moscow region, but to the whole territory of Russia, far and near abroad.

Do you need help?
Please contact us at:

+7 985 776-29-89
+7 495 776-29-89
E-mail: info@1detectiv.ru 

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