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Search of people, debtors & property

Employees of the detective agency "Maigret & Company" perform search of people and their property on the basis of professional search techniques used in the competent authorities.

We offer such kind of services:

  • search of lost contacts
  • prompt search for one or several persons whose evidence is needed to solve your questions
  • find ways of communicating with useful contact persons
  • search of debtors (regardless of the period of limitation) search of debtor's property and confirmation of ownership of property or transport (in the case of registration of ownership to third parties).

Поиск пропавших людей, розыск должников

Search for lost contact

Life is complicated and unpredictable. Even daily contacts can unexpectedly disappear due to many reasons: the urgent business trip, a change of family status, illness or urgent treatment of disease - just about anything. Based on your original data, our private detectives with a high degree of accuracy will help to understand the real cause of the loss of contact and ways to restore it.

Experienced analysts of our detective agency will help you, even if the provided information is very scarce - we are able to obtain information that for number of reasons is not available to you.

Quick search of people

You might come across the situation which can only be solved by the people you do not acquainted with and who might even not know you. It is for sure that no one can guarantee that problems will be solved to 100%, but if you ask for help and their support, it might get easier. Our staff will help you find the right contacts and establish contact with them to solve your problems.

Search for useful contacts

You know for sure who can help you, but for some reason you do not have a connection with this person and you cannot establish the connection yourself. We help you to find the maximum of possibilities to get in touch with a person who can assist you with your inquiry.

Search of debtors

We are all humans and time comes when we make debts but it’s well known that one good turn deserves another. We often meet people who for various reasons do not pay back their debts: they can not afford, they do not feel like paying I back, they may just forget about it (this also happens). When the debtor is in sight, you always have a chance to influence, but what should one do when the debtor is hiding and refund is very important for you?

Our analysts create a psychological portrait based on your description of the debtor, kind of his activity, possible places of location which is then matched with a map of movement of the debtor, resulting in a high degree of accuracy of identifying the most likely places and time, where we may find the debtor. At the same time, we analyze the social network and possible contacts of the debtor, which makes the search faster and more successful.

Our private detectives have extensive experience of operational & search activity, helping you to locate your debtor and bring the moment of repayment closer.

Search of debtor's property

But should one do when a debtor claims bankruptcy and can not pay back the debt? Such type of behavior may be a continuation of fraud against you. By means of surveillance for the debtor and, if necessary, his contacts, we can verify this information. Quite often such people register property of the third parties or relatives while leading quite a posh life, formally owing nothing.

We will collect a comprehensive package of evidence of such act of fraud that can be presented to the debtor for the incrimination him of lying, or handed over to the police and court to recover the debt via legal case.

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