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Detective agency as a component of complex security system

  11.04.2017 11:15

Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.

Background check of potential partners, clients, employees and candidates for position. Report on competitors, market monitoring and control of information leakage. Constant collection of information about the serviced structure, its analysis and determination of areas of various kinds of threats. This is what contracted detective agency is doing.

It goes without saying that information is important in its dynamics - the very volatile economic situation in the market can change completely the position of your potential partner or client within hours and minutes.

The detective agency actualises the information provided to the client on the day or even on the hour of control. In addition to that the absolute majority of our clients want to know the personal characteristics of the real owners and managers of the companies which are being checked, their business characteristics, a possible criminal records and in some cases availability of the administrative resource. It is this exact information and not only “clear” financial statements that often help the client to make the only correct decision and avoid serious financial losses. And it is that sort of information which is collected and updated manually by private detectives.

For example, the information agency provides the company “X” with a number of information blocks obtained from open sources - from the media, various catalogues and newsletters, from Internet. At first glance this is quite reliable and convincing information on serious turnover, received and paid back loans and signed contracts. After receiving the order, a private detective visits the office of the inspected company “under cover” and discovers a shabby semi-basement room, a modest setting, a single telephone and absence of any security. What is the conclusion we can make here? Most likely, the inspected company received several bank loans or goods for sale vanished into oblivion…
Based on 17 years of experience, we as a private detective agency recommend splitting the proposed checks into several structural levels.

A special place in the report is for so called “negative” feedback connected with not paid back loans, non-fulfilment of contractual obligations, civil and criminal cases, personal dishonesty and untruthfulness of founders and managers, criminal records, etc.

Absence of such information is the best recommendation. If the company is working on the market for at least a couple of years and there is no negative information on it – then it proves that the company is here to work and not to engage in all sorts of fraud.

It happens that some commercial structures need our services on constant basis. In such cases, we offer customers more favourable subscriber’s conditions. The customer receives the needed information under such conditions. The price of subscriber’s conditions is individual depending on number of requests a month: some need 5 - 7 requests a month while others need 15 - 20 a day.

An excerpt from the book "Private Detective  - profession or diagnosis?".
Author S. Stepnov.

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  • Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.
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