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  28.10.2016 05:37

A woman (Maria Ivanovna) contacted our detective agency. She rented out through a real estate agent very expensive apartment acting on basis of general power of attorney from the owners.
The tenant turned out to be an imposing, handsome man, dressed as if from the cover of expensive fashion magazine. They agreed on the amount of payment and signed the rent contract. On the next day a young man, let's call him Nikolay, brought payment document from the bank confirming rent payment of the apartment for 1 year in advance. A week has passed but landlord still didn’t receive any money. Maria Ivanovna began to worry but Nikolay calmed her down promising that that the money will soon be transferred to the account of the landlord.

A cleaning lady came to this apartment.  In the process of cleaning she saw documents scattered around the room: on the armchair, the couch and on the table. She collected them and her attention was attracted by a sheet with many signatures, as if somebody was practicing in forging signatures. The cleaning lady told about this fact to the landlady. Maria Ivanovna decided to check the payment document from the bank confirming the rent payment. She visited the bank to make sure or lose faith in the credibility of the tenant. It was a big surprise when she was told that the document was a fake; there was no money now and will be none in future.

Maria Ivanovna decided to contact our detective agency “Maigret & Company” with a request to expose the tenant. She handed over copies of documents to our private detective. After detailed examination of these documents it became clear that Nikolay is not exactly the person he claims to be. Based on the documents: all fashionable clothes were rented for several days including a luxury car. He paid for this stuff with a fake payment document, with a fake stamp of a company whose office is located in the city S. We called the office where we were told very explicitly what sort of man Nikolay is. All our suspicions were confirmed.

In the process of studying the documents, the staff of the detective agency found a contract for the purchase of expensive real estate property between Nikolay where he acted as a buyer and an elderly Muscovite. It became obvious that the swindler needed all this entourage to complete the transaction and again in a fraudulent way. The next day the employee of our detective agency warned the seller of real estate property that they were going to make a deal with the swindler. Several more episodes of cheating landlords of expensive apartments were revealed in the same way in the course of the actions taken by the staff of our detective agency in regards to this swindler. He managed to live on a fake payment for no more than a week. The collected materials were handed over to the police; the swindler was evicted from the apartment.

Types of fraud are different, swindlers gain somebody’s confidence using various methods of persuasion, entanglement, pull the wool over eyes and etc., and therefore it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a swindler from an honest person. And if you have doubts even very insignificant, listen to your heart first and it is better in this case to check the tenant in order to protect himself from his fraudulent actions. There are risks of loss of your property or its damage in this case. Our detective agency can help you check the real estate tenant and also provide other detective services for you.

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  • When entrusting important documents or money to your employee, you need to control all his actions irrespective of his company work record. Otherwise, you put yourself at great risk.
  • Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.
  • It is not enough to know only the rules and have idea of the legal boundaries of the responsible area for successful work in the market of private detective services.
  • They agreed on the amount of payment and signed the rent contract. On the next day a young man, let's call him Nikolay, brought payment document from the bank confirming rent payment of the apartment for 1 year in advance.
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