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Ladies and gentlemen! Let me tell you in a nutshell about my detective agency "Maigret & Company". The detective agency is located in Moscow, and provides services on private detectives market for nearly 15 years. We accumulated vast experience of special investigative techniques, people search, search of debtor’s property & conflict resolution.

It is the cases of theft of personal property & company’s tangible goods that we come across very often. Technicians of our detective agency will design and install video cameras that can work online to protect your property from unwanted "guests", and you'll have a possibility to track it from any location worldwide. We also offer services of bugs sweeping, special “bugs” that can be installed in apartments, offices, on phones.

The staff of our detective agency has in store many thanks from clients who have contacted us more than once. Having got support & help they need, our clients recommend us to friends and colleagues. Detective Agency "Maigret & Company" is a member of International Association of Detectives "IAD".

We believe that the goal of this information is to give you the support you need and solve your problem.

Please make a decision and contact us at +7 (495) 776-29-89

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  • At the beginning of summer a woman contacted our detective agency, she was in panic. Her 22 years old son was missing

  • In 2001, the married couple whose 18 years old daughter was missing contacted Detective Agency "Maigret & Company"...

  • Life is a very intricate sometimes: it brings us close to some people; it takes some people far away for many years. And there are only distant memories before the eyes: bursts of laughter, laugh, painful emotions and many more...

  • Here’s the recent case. I was traveling with my wife in a crowded subway coach. There was a big man to the right from me ...

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