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Assistance in conflict resolution (mediation)

Conflicts arise both in personal life and business. Each conflict requires the individual approach, it is necessary to take into account every point, all the details and all the circumstances.

Assistance in conflict resolution

As usual, conflicts arise in:

  • family relations (between spouses, heirs, parents and children);
  • relations between individuals (between neighbors, visitors in leisure activity centers, car owners);
  • relations with colleagues, superiors or subordinates;
  • relationship with a suppliers of goods or services (including health care);
  • relations between legal entities etc.

Our detective agency will help you to develop the action plan to resolve your conflict. We act as independent mediator in your dispute with opponents, we calmly and with common sense carefully assess the causes of conflict and select options for its resolution.

Confrontation of both parties, strong emotions, tense atmosphere, suspicion and as a consequence the lack of understanding, unwillingness and ability to listen to the opponent, reasons to give in and convince - all such situations often require the interference of a third party to get out of the conflict peacefully and with minimal time, finance and reputation losses.

Our analysts will help you to give you a “helicopter” view on your conflict, find the options to move from confrontation to constructive negotiations, find the approach to another involved party, will help to convince the opponent about benefits of solving the conflict by means of negotiations, not bringing the matter to the court and further associated costs.

Statistics shows that 4 out of 5 conflicts involving mediators are finished with signing of the conciliation agreement satisfactory to both parties. Practice of disputes and conflict resolution studies show that the conflict parties do not always use the help of mediators, as they do not understand the benefits of mediation and try to resolve the dispute on their own, but it often results in deadlock, making the situation even more complicated and confusing.

We strongly recommend before taking any independent steps to have a look at the situation as impartially as possible, ask for professional support to save your nerves, time and money.

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