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Psychological support when dealing with cases of conjugal infidelity

Conjugal infidelity is the most painful and difficult test of family relations. It greatly injures state of mind of both partners, often serves as a reason of divorce with all corresponding consequences.

Psychologists on family relationships know many possible reasons of conjugal infidelity, moreover issues related to interpersonal relationships are endless topic of research and debates, but we mainly focus of smoothing the effects of infidelity for the client.

This work involves the following tasks:

  • Give a chance to the client to express feelings caused by the fact of infidelity and let the client say things which seem to be important and necessary at the moment. It is important to avoid evaluative judgments while supporting the client and reducing the tension of their problem ("Yes, it might happen," "This is what sometimes happens").
  • Psychological support of the client in the process to identification and working on the feelings that the expected infidelity is not only a suspicion or hypothesis but also a proven fact (guilt, offense, jealousy, anger, hatred, etc..).
  • Psychological support in the realization and acceptance of own responsibility for problems in the relationship between a husband and a wife, which was performed in the form of infidelity as a contribution to the current situation (neglect, sexual dissatisfaction, offense etc.).
  • Support in the break up process or restoration of relations with a partner in the most balanced way.

We would like to emphasize that all information submitted by the client, as well as obtained in the course of observation and investigation is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties without prior approval of the client.

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