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The present day world is the open enough information space where one can get information about the whereabouts of a person, social status, wealth, and other features if one has certain wish and analytical skills.

Personal safety

In particular, we tell a lot about ourselves on the Internet not even suspecting that at first glance insignificant information could be used by offenders, scammers, in other words, you can become a potential victim of an unhealthy interest towards you, as well as harassment and, God forbid, even crime.

Your social status, income, particularly evident from the outside, may cause interest of the offender, but due to a narrow range of opportunities to act, he would prefer to get to you through your family: spouse, parents, children. Criminal impact on your family can have many forms: from the informational (blackmail, racket) to the physical (assault, robbery, kidnapping) - all of which can be used to make you fulfill the orders of the offenders, e.g. make the right decision or pay a ransom.

The staff of our detective agency will help you to identify the extent of the threat, choose means of protection and ensure the personal safety to you and your family. Be as it may but you should always start with the prevention of crimes: not to give out too much private information, be careful with correspondence in social networks, carefully select friends and acquaintances, pay attention to your friends’ friends, especially children.

Blackmail, extortion, robbery and other illegal actions make us think more about personal safety and security of loved ones. Professionals of our detective agency will help you to feel protected in all the circumstances.


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