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Information check in real estate transactions

Illegal acts committed in real estate area became widespread since the liberalization of the real estate market in our country when it became possible to buy and sell property.

Information check in real estate transactions

The most common types of fraud in the purchase and sale of property are apartments for sale and other real estate objects with any kind of encumbrance: debts, strangers registered under the address, unknown buyers, relatives of sellers, heirs, who could come one day and assert their right for the purchased property.

Do not flatter yourself when the real estate agency or the bank that gave you a loan will claim that property is free from any obligations and you will not become a victim of fraud; it may happen that the sellers were cheated by the real estate agent, and now try to do the same with you. Better safe than sorry. Be confident in your purchase, check it out with the help of the Legal Department of the detective agency Maigret & Russia.

The information used in real estate transactions must be accurate. The risk of fraud should be excluded. The legal check of information will significantly reduce the risk of large losses and ensure you a successful acquisition.

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