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Disclosure of identity (deanonymization)


Deanonymization is the disclosure of the identity of the user you are interested in. Virtual space provides excellent opportunities to communicate, to show network activity to the user who wants to remain unknown (both positive and negative, up to the most serious crimes), and in order to prevent fraud or other types of crimes or undesirable actions against you, the task is to deanonize the user, determine his sincerity, lifestyle and other personality characteristics.

Depending on the user himself and his intentions, the level of his anonymity can be completely different, and disclosure of the identity will require different efforts in different situations, for example, a person who simply does not want to expose his name and other data in the profile can be easily disclosed by elementary profile analysis, it will be easy to find out the phone number or email address linked to the profile while an experienced anonymous user, whose goal is to commit a cybercrime, has a completely different level of anonymity, and experienced detectives need to spend a lot of time and collect a solid amount of data about the user before reaching the result.

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  • When entrusting important documents or money to your employee, you need to control all his actions irrespective of his company work record. Otherwise, you put yourself at great risk.
  • Detective agency is the obligatory component of complex security system. Background check of partners and clients can consist of many levels depending on the specific situation and customer goals.
  • It is not enough to know only the rules and have idea of the legal boundaries of the responsible area for successful work in the market of private detective services.
  • They agreed on the amount of payment and signed the rent contract. On the next day a young man, let's call him Nikolay, brought payment document from the bank confirming rent payment of the apartment for 1 year in advance.
  • It takes a while to save money and it is very painful to lose it. Here is a recent example of how a woman lost a large sum of money from a bank card.

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