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Checking of vehicles, residential and non-residential premises for the presence of special technical equipment

Do you want to know for sure if walls have "ears"? Do you want to be sure that nobody is watching you, your home, office or car with the help of special equipment? Can anybody see you move, hear what you say, know who is there next to you ...

People want to know other people's secrets with very different goals, but one thing we do know for sure is that any information leakage does you no good, and engineers of our detective agency will help you to be protected from data leaks and be sure that nobody will know your secrets, no matter on whose behalf they act.

Checking of vehicles, residential and non-residential premises for the presence of special technical equipment

Our private detectives will perform “bug sweeping” which is a special check with the use of radar equipment to locate the presence of the unauthorized source of electromagnetic radiation with a built-in microphone or a video camera, called “bugs” in the room or car. The objects of the check are both landline and mobile phones, and other means of communication, household and electronic appliances, home furnishings.

Bug sweeping of premises, phones and cars will help you to avoid leakage of business information & the various aspects of your personal life; to protect from neurological and psychological disorders caused by health hazards of radiation.

Raiding, theft, unfair competition in business, impinging on your security, life and health of your family members, relatives & your reputation - all this can be prevented with protection against unauthorized information leakage installed by technical specialists of the detective agency "Maigret & Russia".

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