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Information and security
  • Video Surveillance systems
    Systems of video surveillance are urged to provide you with information on penetration of strangers on your vital territory, intervention in your life, to contact with your property Read more »
  • External supervision
    Within private operational search activity the staff of detective agency "Maigret & Russia" carry out a complex of actions for supervision over the object which is better known as external supervision Read more »
  • Economic security
    Unfair competition as which persons involved can act, sometimes the staff of your organization, creates not only a certain tension in work, but also leads to business loss Read more »
Video Surveillance systems
Video Surveillance systems
Systems of video surveillance are urged to provide you with information on penetration of strangers on your vital territory, intervention in your life, to contact with your property Read more »

Detective agency "Maigret & Company", Moscow, Russia

People often do not notice the first signs of the arising problems in their daily routine. What should one do when things seem to be getting out of control? Some try to cope with it on their own. In any case, there is a risk of independent investigations, which often lead to aggravation of the situation, conflict relations & troubles with the law. It is support and professional experience that is essential in this case

Rely on professionals of the detective agency "Maigret & Company" (Moscow)!

Many years of experience, individual approach to each client, confidentiality, and compliance with legislation – these are the main principles of our private detectives. We provide private detectives’ services to legal entities and individuals, ensure legal support and protection of citizens and any kind of business from any kind of offence and unfair competition.

Private detective services for individuals

We are well aware that there’s no trivia in life! Whether it's about the complexity of family relations: infidelity, problems with kids, or the search of partners, relatives, classmates, former neighbors. Relationships with children require special attention. Our private detectives will do their best to reveal the possibility of alcohol & drugs use by the minors or determine the social network of a child.

What about swindlers? They're always on the lookout of any difficult situation of a victim, its weakness: trustfulness, naivety, and ardor. Moscow attracts thousands of "bounty hunters" who take advantage on human weaknesses, promise quick & easy money, and get people into debts in their frauds. Another popular service is search of debtors. Detective agency “Maigret & Company” offers a wide range of detective services for tracing debtors and swindlers in Moscow as well as throughout Russia, and in special cases even abroad.

We offer services of personal security, legal and psychological support in the current conflict situations. There is always a way out!

Detective services for business

We also provide assistance to the security services of banks & companies in search of the property of their debtors.

Business is also subjected to threats, both on the side of competitors, dishonest partners and company’s employees. In recent years, the cases of wining over the contractors by middle class managers, stealing large amounts by eligible to money receipt & delivery persons are not rare. Detective Agency "Maigret & Company" provides services to ensure company’s economic security: prevention of information leakage, theft of tangible property, personnel checks.

Services in the area of information security

You can contact us if you suspect “bugs” in your stationery or cell phone. Technical experts will help you in bug sweeping located in apartments, cars, offices for secret interception.

Detective agency in Moscow. Why to choose us?

Our partners are lawyers, barristers & psychologists. Detective Agency "Maigret & Company" is a member of International Association of detectives.

Geography of the services provided by the detective agency stretches not only to Moscow and Moscow region, but to the whole territory of Russia, far and near abroad. Our clients appreciate agency’s honesty, openness, expertise and the ability to be efficient in urgent matters. We believe that the goal of this information is to give you the support you need and solve your problem. Please make a decision and contact us at:

+7 985 776-29-89
+7 495 776-29-89

Contact person: Oleg Gazizulin
E-mail: info@1detectiv.ru

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